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  • "... people will prefer this."

    British Chess Magazine, Nov 2018

  • Merged pieces can move as either piece ...

    and YES … they can split back!

  • It‘s Fast, It’s Fun & ...

    … YES! It’s ADDICTIVE!

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Welcome to Chessplus.

The game where you combine your pieces.

The inspiration of a young girl.

Playing chess with her dad, she moved her rook onto the pawn’s square, next she took both pieces to the far end of the board where she proudly announced “I get a queen, I’m going to beat you!”.


Merge a rook and a bishop and the new piece moves just like a queen. Instead of a pawn crawling across the board, merge it with a rook, then take it straight to the other side for a promotion.  With 3 extra queens included.

But watch out! If your ‘merged’ piece is taken you lose both pieces!

And yes … you can split them back.

How To Play

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Chessplus is played under standard chess rules with one difference – pieces can be merged to combine their powers, and merged pieces can be split back into their individual pieces.

Here is a quick guide to the rules:

  1. Merging or splitting is considered a move.
  2. Individual pieces must always move according to their traditional ability.
  3. A player can create a merged piece by moving an individual piece onto the square of another piece of the same colour, except for the king.
  4. A merged piece can move as either of it’s joined pieces, or can be split by moving a joined piece away individually.
  5. When a merged piece containing a pawn makes it to the other end of the board it is promoted to a queen.
  6. When a merged piece is captured or promoted the merged piece leaves the board.

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For the Full Rules Click Download Rules

Australian Design & Innovation

Drawn to Nielsen Design by their design quality and Scandinavian heritage we met current owner Adam Laws.  Adam’s work compliments functional and modern designs with soft curves and enduring tactile experiences.  Adam shares our  passion of giving justice to the Chessplus game, his Award Winning Designs for the Chessplus pieces reflects both his skill and passion.

The  result of the union are modern objects of design, being a perfect marriage of form and function.  Pieces can be merged with ease, and are capable of being split by only touching the moving piece following the free flowing character of the game.  Elegant and sophisticated from every angle the pieces convey a modernity with a true Scandinavian feel, using curves to create a softness and the desire to be both appreciated and experienced.

True to Adam’s whole design approach, he created a unique and stylish wrap around playing board, including a laser etched acrylic box for proper storage of the pieces.  These items perfectly compliment the pieces and create a totally stylish gift or personal game set that look smart anywhere.

“A natural variation”

Maxim Dlugy, 2018US Chess Grandmaster

“It’s the ultimate chess game.”

Ivy Gulbin, 2017Year 6 Student, Byron Bay

“Magic is possible with Chessplus”

Max Illingworth, 2017Australian Chess Grandmaster

“All you have to know is how chess pieces move!”

David Barrett, 2017Retired Estimator

“It was awesome to see the kids enjoying something new and fresh”

Jacob McElevey, 2017Teacher - Macquarie College

“I like the new rules which allow you to create an endless variety of options, opening up the opportunity for new strategies.”

Yuri Koropotkin, 2017Design Engineer

“… challenging and faster than classic chess, you really have to focus on your game as the options have increased dramatically.”

Zane Allum, 2017Student
Brandon GienAustralia By Design, 2017

“Thanks for the parcel

…..my son loves it.”

Wendy Beazley, 2018Mum

“14 new opening moves. Games are faster and end quicker. I Liked it!”

Paul, Annandale 2018

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