• "Magic is possible with Chessplus."

    Max Illingworth, Australian chess GM

Welcome to Chessplus

The better game of chess.

Imagine a faster, more fluid and more dynamic chess game, where players are no longer limited by traditional moves.

Imagine merging pieces to combine their strengths, creating powerful new forces, then splitting them when desired.

Imagine discovering fast new ways to attack, defend and promote.

Welcome to Chessplus, the inspiration of a young girl playing chess with her dad. Wanting to win, she simply moved her rook onto a pawn’s square and boldly announced that she could now move both pieces together, doing so she moved them to the far end of the board quickly promoting them to a queen, thus beating her dad. At that moment, Chessplus was born.

After developing and refining the concept, the result is a game that has all the strategy and beauty of traditional chess, with an additional measure of speed, excitement and queens that makes it perfect for traditional chess players and newcomers alike.

For lovers of chess, and those who simply don’t have the time for the traditional game, Chessplus is the 20/20 chess game, fast and vibrant, with thrilling action that stimulates the mind and the senses.

The Quick Rules

Apply the rules of Chess, plus extra options for an exciting evolution of the traditional game:

  • Create new ‘merged’ pieces by moving any piece (except for the king) onto to the square of another piece of the same colour.
  • Move merged pieces as either of their joined pieces, or split them by moving either piece away individually.
  • Gain extra queens quickly by moving a merged piece containing a pawn to the far end of the board, with 3 extra queens included for a knockout finish.

Note: The merging or splitting of a piece is considered a move. Individual pieces must always move according to their traditional abilities. When captured or promoted the merged piece leaves the board.

These rule adaptations allow for the creation of 15 new pieces, adding extra dimensions of intrigue and unpredictability to the game.

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For the Full Rules Click Download Rules

Australian Design & Innovation

Our vision was to create a game that would not only engage and thrill new and seasoned players but also be visually stunning. In award-winning industrial designer Adam Laws, we found a creative mind that believed in our vision and shared our passion. The result is truly beautiful pieces designed with a minimalist feel and a tasteful sense of style. The elegant joining mechanism seamlessly combines design and functionality so pieces can merge and split easily for a smooth flowing game. Our pieces are available in stylish resin, or for an earthier feel, natural ash and walnut timbers.

For the complete experience, the Chessplus Premium Boxset includes a laser etched protective case with a uniquely elegant and durable wrap around board for years of enjoyment.

“It is fascinating once you know the potential of the game. All you have to know is how to play chess.”

David BarrettRetired Estimator

“What I like about Chessplus are new rules which allow you to create an endless variety of options. This opens up the opportunity for new strategies.”

Yuri KoropotkinDesign Engineer

“Chessplus is more strategically challenging, faster, definitely a lot quicker than classic chess, you really have to focus on your game as the options have increased dramatically.”

Zane AllumStudent

“It’s the ultimate chess game.”

Ivy GulbinYear 6 Student, Byron Bay


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